The historic inn moves west & the historic cellar moves east

All of the Henne Kirkeby Kro team will relocate to Copenhagen for an entire week, viz. from May 17 – May 20 when they take over the facilities of historic and classic restaurant Kong Hans Kælder. Likewise, the staff from Kong Hans Kælder moves to the west coast adopting the kitchen of the gourmet restaurant Henne Kirkeby Kro in west Jutland.

Chef Paul Cunningham, who was awarded his second Michelin star a few weeks ago, has had a long-felt desire to revisit Copenhagen, while chef Mark Lundgaard has had a long-cherished dream of exploring the flourishing and abundant kitchen garden of Henne Kirkeby Kro. The two restaurants came under the same ownership in February of 2015 and now wish to celebrate this by acting out a kitchen swap.

Reservations for Henne Kirkeby Kro at the location of Kong Hans Kælder through

Reservations for Kong Hans at the location of Henne Kirkeby Kro through